Behold the third LP of the iconic hungarian beatmaker, DJ Bootsie.
In the past few years I watched (and listened) the birth of this album, from seed and finally, this year it all came together. Using the amazing work of János Kass, a well-known hungarian illustrator, we managed to come up with a visual solution that perfectly matches the album's musical concept. By the way, 'In Solem Verti' means 'Becoming Sun' in latin.
the album is available for digital purchase here :
check out some of the beats :
enjoy !
the complete artwork
the front cover
the back cover
the album teaser video shot and edited by GASPARBONTA
visual concept : Vilmos Solymosi - DJ Bootsie ( )
original artwork : Leo (Zodiac) by János Kass
graphic design : GASPARBONTA ( )
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