In late 2013, GASPARBONTA was comissioned by a former employer and friend, the CEO of INTERCONTACT Fordito es Tolmacsiroda (InterContact Translation and Interpreting Agency) to create a fresh, friendly new office kitchen area in the firm's head office, located in Budapest's fifth district. The concept was to enlarge the existing space optically by creating an airy, light space with monochromatic surfaces and adding different wooden materials for a more cozy, friendly feel.

Interior design : GASPARBONTA (
Contactor : ETNA Kft. (
Photos : Gaspar Bonta
Year of completion : 2014
floor plan and a 3D section for lighting fixtures
render of the entrance
photo of the entrance
render of the new kitchen
photo of the new kitchen
render of the new kitchen
photo of the new kitchen
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