The Kázsmér family has deep roots in Lesence, a truly magnificent region north of Lake Balaton. Their ancestors had been growing grape here for almost a thousand years. The family business has been reestablished in 1997 and in late 2015, our studio was commissioned to develop a new graphic identity for the brand, including the winery, the wine labels, logos, etc. 

They have three current selection of wines - prime, estate and excellence - each represent a different category of wine lovers. So, the original concept of the branding was to create a clear, archaic but contemporary new brand with a logo and develop sets of labels, which reflect upon the occasions, moods and feelings in which the different categories of people consume these wonderful wines.

During the photoshoot, we intended to recreate the scenarios but instead of using human models, we used the wines to tell the story.



Client:      LESENCE Zrt.   I   kazsmerpinceszet.hu

Branding & Graphic Design:      GASPARBONTA   I   www.gasparbonta.com

Photos:      Balint Jaksa   I   www.balintjaksa.com

Cat:      Mirci




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