Rarely does it happen to one that after a blasting New Year's Eve party at a semi-finished pub, you get the green light to finish the job. For me, a small pub with local homebrew ales and ipas is the place to be on a friday night…. Léhűtő turned out just this way.

Nowadays, Gozsdu udvar (along with Kazinczy utca) is the hipster party area of downtown Budapest. Close to where these two streets meet, you'll find Léhűtő and other iconic boozers like 400 or Mika Tivadar.We figured that it would be best to avoid trying to make this place look like a regular pub. Personally, I'm not a fan of things that are made to 'look' old. This is a place built in 2013 that serves beer brewed in 2012-3 for a generation that seeks fresh places around the globe where they can chat, work and connect with like-minded peeps. 
A bunch of people who tweet, like and share experiences online so that their friends can enjoy the same experience - that's where the concept of lines crossing each other came from.
That's what Léhűtő is about. A place to convene and come together.
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