Greek cuisine has been present in Hungary for decades now, mainly as a street food. These last few revolutionary years in Budapest gastronomy life highly anticipated the turn up of a bistro-bar style greek cuisine. MAZI ('together' in greek) is the mixture of this need, a family-style milieu, and graceful, greekish mood with the smell of the ocean, captured with the means of contemporary design, in the heart of Budapest.
We can see right into the kitchen, like at a friend's place. The interior is complied from simple, clean materials, pastel colors, well-pronounced structures. Stone, wood, concrete, brick, iron and copper in one space. The place is not huge, but surely a lot of us can fit in. We share food, we drink, we laugh. Together. Mazi !
The interior design concept is a mixture of really old and really new, simple and contemporary mixes up with honest materials. We have created a cool, light, airy ambient with sophisticated lighting solutions, and geometrical abstractions like the pendant lights shaped like a flying bird's wings or the suspended arbor in an iron frame. The contrast between objects and materials makes this a complete system, like the brutal marble table with iron legs and the thin wooden chairs next to it or the cleaned existing brick walls and the new, glossy, smooth concrete floor.

Interior Design:
Lead designer: Gaspar Bonta
Assistant designer: Orsolya Lőrincz
Graphic Design:
Réka Szabó  I
Bálint Jaksa  I
Gergely Takács  I  theSHOWROOM Contract  I
Location: Budapest, Hungary, Alkotmány utca 19.
Area: 100 sqm
Year of Completion:  2016

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