"Inspiration for that was provided by the haute couture world of magazines, in which uniqueness is given main role besides high quality standard. The rooms reflect cleanness and refinement by the dominance of soft pastel colours, which is broken and made sharp-featured by the contrast of individually produced black and neon-yellow angle iron furniture frames as well as the three-dimensioned black and white tiles in the bathrooms.
Upon entering the hotel, editorial pictures of PS Magazin are to be seen, which provide a quick insight to the works of the coolest hungarian fashion photographers and designers. A pocket map created in the cooperation of The Magazine Hotel and PS Magazin is a great help for the visitors to discover the city’s hidden design shops, designers’ showrooms and Budapest’s ‘must try’ restaurants. In the lobby, besides some highlighted pieces of design clothing, the giant version of the map can be found so that guests may feel like they are in the revived columns of  PS Magazin.
The Magazine Hotel’s fresh image progressing on the track of current trends and the creative part of its interior design concept were created by Gáspár Bonta, as one of the most universal architect of domestic architecture and designer. According to the young artist’s opinion, “there is a trend with feature style marks, which cannot be described by words and which is common in several places in various combinations, however still is not over-presented among the trendy places.” The interior of the hotel plays with spacious, “airy” clean surfaces, large flacks, low-key technical solutions, and also with the mix of rustic and high-tech materials.
”We did not intend either from the customer’s or the creative aspect to make The Magazine Hotel become the twentieth party hostel with cheap gags from the early 2000’s. However, we did not just want to copy the standard solutions of the airport hotels in smaller size either.” As the designer says, the basic idea was to model the years long experienced and by now just evident social demand regarding the virulent relationship between fashion and design with characteristic tools. "
PS Magazin 15/1 - HOTEL ISSUE
art direction: Orsolya Strasser  I  PS Magazinpsmagazin.hu )
interior design & graphic identity (branding): Gaspar Bonta  I  GASPARBONTA ( gasparbonta.com )
budapest map design: Jose Simon  I  Simon Sayssimonsays.hu )
editorial photographs: Balint Barnabalintbarna.com )
sofas and armchairs: POS1T1ON Collectiveposition-collective.com )
interior photograps and editorial design: Gaspar Bonta
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